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While you drive around in Bentonville, it’s important to stay aware of your surroundings. However, sometimes other vehicles can pop up unexpectedly. To help you get a better sense of when it’s safe to turn or change lanes, you can get a vehicle with a blind-spot monitor. We have several models with blind-spot monitors and other safety features on our lot at BMW of Northwest Arkansas.

Blind-spot monitors are useful because they can alert you when a vehicle is just behind you and in an adjacent lane. This is an area that you can’t see from any of your mirrors, so having an extra pair of eyes can prove to be valuable.

When the blind-spot sensor detects another vehicle, a light in your side mirror will turn on. Sometimes, a monitoring system can also include gentle beeping and a brief vibration of the steering wheel. Whatever the system may be, you’ll know to wait until its clear before making your move.

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