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Gaskets are a critical component of your car’s engine. They create an impenetrable seal to keep fluids, gasses, and other liquids from mixing or leaking. Though gaskets can last a long time, with use, they can fail and cause potentially serious damage to your engine. Learning to recognize signs of gasket problems can help you minimize any issues and possibly prevent more costly repairs.

Common signs you may have a problem with a gasket include

  1. White smoke coming from the tailpipe
  2. Foaming, bubbling, or gurgling in the radiator
  3. Low cylinder pressure
  4. Rapid pressure buildup in the coolant system
  5. You can take steps to prevent these issues by

    1. Changing oil and coolant regularly at recommended intervals
    2. Maintaining proper torque on head bolts
    3. Watching for the above signs of a problem and promptly getting service
    4. If you do experience any of these signs, contact BMW of Northwest Arkansas in Bentonville and let our expert auto technicians diagnose and service your vehicle to keep it in top working order.

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