2018 BMW 3 Series Walk Around

The lines are classic and elegant, sharp and expressive, with large headlamps and air intakes and a distinctive rear end. BMW doesn’t copy the aero wedge that seems too popular nowadays.

The striking Gran Turismo pushes design in an original direction, as a big hatchback fastback coupe, with a rising beltline that gives it visual rake at the hood. Smoothly, it blends crossover, coupe and wagon.


In the cabin, the 3 Series suffers from its age, when it’s compared to high-tech wonders like the Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class. Depending on the model and trim, the materials will be rich and luxurious or muddled and budget. The standard front seats have decent bolstering and nice leg support, even without being leather; while the flat dashboard features a standing screen that needs new materials.

The 3 Series is as big as it’s ever been, but it’s still considered a compact car. The back seat squeezes adults, but there’s good headroom. There’s also good cargo space, with a big trunk of 15.8 cubic feet.

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