2017 BMW X6 Driving Impressions

Regardless of engine, the X6 has little in common with a typical premium sedan, coupe, or crossover SUV. BMW technology results in refined, yet nearly insolent, performance, even from the six-cylinder model.

As for handling skills, just point the X6 toward a curve or corner, observing how its stability-control and traction-control systems pave the way for precisely satisfying reactions. Powerful brakes bring all the X6’s weight to a halt with little nosedive, with a level of confidence that even beats that of the smaller BMW X4 model. Push the gas pedal again, and the engine resumes speed with little delay. The only drawback is ride quality, which inevitably becomes a bit harsh over certain road surfaces.

Naturally, the X6 M is the logical choice for BMW devotees who seek a seriously boisterous experience. Simply knowing that such expert capabilities await, including the ability to transition from highway to race course, can be almost as stimulating as the actual experience.

Overall highway performance could be compared to the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, except that this shapely BMW keeps its rear end under better restraint. Remember, though, that no X6 qualifies as a full-fledged SUV, despite xDrive; so don’t expect this BMW to trudge through more than relatively mild off-the-pavement exercises.

Fuel economy isn’t a high point, which is no surprise. The six-cylinder is EPA-rated at 18/25 mpg City/Highway, or 21 mpg Combined. All-wheel drive drops the EPA Highway estimate to 24 mpg. As expected, the X6 M is even less thrifty, EPA-rated at only 14/19 mpg City/Highway, or 16 mpg Combined.

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