2017 BMW 4 Series Walk Around

BMW designers wanted the 4 Series to look more classic, not quite retro but more classic like the old 3 Series. The final result looks broader and bolder than the 3, and it looks excellent in profile, a nice balance of steel and glass, low roofline, sharp shoulder line, and stance of an athlete. The front fascia is creative. But it still can’t hold a candle to the styling of the Mercedes C-Class.


The adventurous cabin presents sweeping arcs and flashy trim options, for example red-stitched leather, and red things in the instrument cluster.

If it’s not a driver’s cockpit, it’s a driver’s layout, distanced from the passenger by arcs of plastic, wood and metal on the center stack

The Convertible’s hardtop folds and stows in 20 seconds, into the trunk that still retains 7.8 of its 13.0 cubic feet, with room for growth, as the rear seatback folds, leaving a space to the trunk. The Convertible comes with a windblock and neck warmers.

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