2017 BMW 4 Series Driving Impressions

The 4 Series is poised and confident. It’s a superb grand touring car, handling well at high speed, stable at speed or under hard braking.

Power from the engines comes on at low rpm. In daily driving, that torque makes pulling away from a stop sign or stoplight easy and strong, with a lighter touch on the gas pedal.

In the four-cylinder 430i, the peak 258 pound-feet of torque is available way down at 1450 rpm, the beginning of acceleration. The 330 pound-feet from the inline six-cylinder turbo is available at a mere 1380 rpm.

Driving Dynamics Control does what it says, allows the driver to control the dynamics, by setting modes. In Sport or Sport Plus, the throttle zips, the transmission snaps, the steering pounces, and stability control relaxes.

The suspension has a lot of aluminum bits, and it’s stiffer than ever. The steering is better than the old 3 Series, which wasn’t too good. It’s okay on a 430i coupe, but doesn’t handle the optional 18- and 19-inch wheels so well. The steering gets heavier than it needs to be, stealing the feeling of the road. The Variable Sports steering changes the steering ratio, and feels more enthusiastic.

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