2017 BMW 3 Series Walk Around

The classic and elegant sedan was recently tweaked with bigger headlamps and air intakes, and a distinctive back end with restyled bumpers. It still looks sharp and expressive, compared to the aero wedge shape of others. We don’t need no stinkin’ aero, says BMW.

The striking Gran Turismo pushes design in a new direction, a big hatchback fastback coupe. A smooth Frankenstein that’s part crossover, part coupe and part wagon. The rising beltline visually lowers the hood.


The Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class will blitz you with their high-tech capabilities that make the BMW 3 Series feel outdated, in other words feel its age. The cabin materials may be rich and luxurious or muddled and fussy, or even cheap, depending on trim level. The flat dashboard’s horizontal line is broken only by a standing screen that may be modern but needs new materials.

Although the 3 has never been bigger, it’s still a compact car. The good front seats have decent bolstering and nice leg support.

The back seat squeezes adults, but there’s good headroom. There’s good cargo room, with a big trunk of 15.8 cubic feet.

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