2016 BMW 6 Series Walk Around

The kidney grille shoots tight creases out its top, up and along the hood. Aggressive headlamps speak to big air intakes. Flared fenders and eye-catching curves make it seem like the windows are low, but it’s an illusion. The aerodynamic sideview mirrors have light strips. The alloy wheels are as big as they look.

Styling on the M6 is even more aggressive, with a carbon-fiber roof.


The 6 Series cabin is stark and business-like, with a muted palette, while still being rich and well-appointed, exotic, nearly as plush as the 7 Series. The controls display order and restraint, intriguingly low-key and high-tech. It’s a new look for 2016, with glossy black trim and chrome. Premium plastics. Imagine the tactile sensation of the optional white leather and fine woods.

It’s a snug fit inside, even with the longer four-door Gran Coupe. There’s room in the rear, but adults will have to duck to get in and out, because of the gorgeous arching roofline. It’s worth it, let your passengers duck, they’re lucky to be riding in such a car. BMW calls it a 4+1, meaning room for four adults and maybe sometimes almost a fifth, in the center rear position. Well. We’ll say this: darn sight more room than a Porsche 911.

The front seats have good space, great back and thigh support, and headroom for all. In the M models, the sport seats are lighter and have yet more back and thigh support.

The convertible uses a folding fabric roof, it don’t need no stinkin’ hardtop, it’s about space and speed. And the rear window opens. A real ragtop.

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