2016 BMW 6 Series Driving Impressions

The 6 Series is quite happy to sail along at triple-digit speeds, like it can do in Germany where it comes from. It’s smooth and confident, easy to steer. But the handling isn’t razor sharp, as it’s tuned for comfort, not the track or even the twisties.

Of course the driver can tune it him or herself, with Driving Dynamics Control knob with Comfort, Sport, and Sport+ settings that set the suspension, steering, throttle and transmission responses.

The twin-turbo V8 in M6 versions makes 560 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque, and is mated to either a 7-speed twin-clutch (BMW calls it M-DCT), or 6-speed gearbox (rev-matched downshifting available). If the 6 Series is comfortable at 100 mph, the M6 is comfortable at 150. And electronically limited at 155.

The M6 has beefier suspension and tires, plus launch control and specific traction and stability control to maintain grip. Even with its size, the M6 is capable of out-cornering and out-braking many sports cars, although not the smaller BMW M cars.

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