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BMW Makes Driving Smarter with Head-Up Display

With a century of engineering prowess behind it and an incredible vision for the next 100 years, BMW is poised to change the way the world thinks about automobiles and driving. While the autonomous vehicle is not quite here, some futuristic features are currently available on many new BMW models. Consider the BMW Head-Up display, a technology and idea borrowed from fighter planes and brought to the cockpit of your BMW to make your driving experience safer and more convenient than ever.


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BMW Shows Commitment to Safety in New Models

You might think safety is something people take for granted; but it's not. In fact, has revealed a national survey, which suggests people are paying closer attention to their safety than you might think. They also have a solid opinion of which automotive brands are doing the best job bringing safety features to market.

BMW of Northwest Arkansas is proud to say that BMW is high on the list. With over 45…

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