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BMW i100 Coupe - Another Teaser

BMW has been working on their Vision EfficientDynamics (VED for short) for a number of years now. All that planning, research and development is finally paying off, as the German auto maker continues to show off  with a completed concept car.

The production version of BMW's Vision EfficientDynamics (VED) Concept is coming to reality as the company's teaser site,, released a new video, showing the vehicle in action.

Details on the BMW VED are still limited, but you can see in the video this prototype has dropped the 6-Series body and now features a full VED…
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Paris Debut for BMW 6-Series Coupe

BMW is going for a sleeker, more elegant look for their new 6-Series coupe, which is planned to make its debut at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

Although this car is still in concept, the 2+2 coupe is getting closer to production and is set to arrive in the North American markets in mid-2011.

This new 6-Series is continuing with the new design from BMW's revolution under Adrian von Hooydonk, who's Z9 Grand Torismo laid down the styling campaign for today's 6-Series along with many other BMW models.

"With this car, I feel like I have…
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BMW M3 Coupe for 2010

The sexy, sporty and fun to drive BMW M3 Coupe has arrived at your local BMW dealership. The car is without a doubt continuing a strong tradition of 3-Series BMW Coupes that have wowed fans for decades.

2010 BMW M3 Coupe has garnered various awards and praise for automotive critics. A base model will run the buyer $60,575, though with additional options and sports packages (some of which we will discuss below) a grand total topping out at $67,000 (approx.) is very possible.

The M3's drivetrain for that base model consists of a 4.0-liter V8 That…
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BMW Megacity Car

News has come from BMW about their highly secretive "city-car" concept, a small two or three seater vehicle that has been tentatively named "Megacity."

The "MCV" (Mega City Vehicle) will be an all-electric car sold under an upcoming sub-brand by BMW Group.

The model is scheduled to be introduced in 2013, and features a new construction paradigm for BMW, consisting of a carbon fiber passenger cell coupled to an aluminum chassis.

That chassis is made of aluminum and twin extrusions which run front to back on the car. At the front end, the chassis also serves as a frame to…
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BMW i100 Coupe Hybrid

Since 2008, BMW has worked on perfecting its ActiveHybrid technology - combining luxury performance and the green car culture. A new report out of Germany is suggesting a production version of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept is coming out soon.

It could be dubbed the BMW i100 Coupe ActiveHybrid, that is if it's finally launched sometime in 2013.

It is an obvious attempt to break away from the series-based nomenclature BMW has been known to use and draw some inspiration from the M1 moniker, but i100 seems more likely to end up being the first of a larger "1-Series."

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BMW to Produce Carbon Fiber for Megacity Urban EV

BMW is on its way to creating one of the most futuristic City Cars for buyers of the popular German make. Carbon fiber parts, including hoods and fenders, will be constructed at the company's new U.S.-based Washington State facility for their upcoming Megacity Urban Concept.

From Japan to the U.S. To Germany - BMW's Moses Lake, WA plant will import raw materials from Japan, spin them into fibers one-tenth the width of a human hair, and send them to a German factory. There, the materials will be pressed into carbon fiber fabric.

Once finished, the sheets…
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BMW 6-Series Cabrio for 2012

BMW has let another rendering slip, but whether or not this was on accident or merely a creative publicity stunt, well we may never know. But one thing is for certain, we know what the 2011-2012 BMW 6-Series Cabrio production model will look like.

The new 6-Series convertible "Cabrio" styling features the same front end as your next generation 6-series coupe, but with a new look at the rear. The trunk is stumpier, a little wider, with tail lights pushing into the car and not protruding too much from the trunk.

The drop top is soft, sleek and it retracts…
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BMW Gran Coupe Is One Grand Concept

BMW is well known for having some of the most advanced vehicle concepts in the automotive industry. From their Blue Efficiency electric car to iDrive systems, being a originator of auto technology is in the German Auto Maker's blood.

With that, BMW has introduced their Gran Coupe Concept at 2010's Beijing Auto Show.

The Gran Coupe is indeed grand - with a sleek, low-slung, long-wheelbase design. Gran's coupe-like roofline and short overhangs give the appearance of a roaster about to take off. And even though the "coupe" name makes you think two-door, this concept actually has four, making…
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