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BMW Gran Coupe Is One Grand Concept

BMW is well known for having some of the most advanced vehicle concepts in the automotive industry.

From their Blue Efficiency electric car to iDrive systems, being a originator of auto technology is in the German Auto Maker's blood.

With that, BMW has introduced their Gran Coupe Concept at 2010's Beijing Auto Show. The Gran Coupe is indeed grand - with a sleek, low-slung, long-wheelbase design. Gran's coupe-like roofline and short overhangs give the appearance of a roaster about to take off. And even though the "coupe" name makes you think two-door, this concept actually has four, making…
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BMW M5 E60 Comes to an End

After a run lasting since 2005 BMW has put their M5 E60 sedan to rest. The M5 E60 was a special edition of the M5, which produced only 20,548 units in those 5 years. A five-door hatchback version produced only 1,025 units since 2007.

The E60 M5 featured a 5.0-liter V10 gasoline engine that delivers 509 horsepower, and up to 380 ft-lb of torque. Mated to either a seven-speed SMG or six-speed manual transmission, the car was capable of a 0 - 60 MPH time of 4.2 seconds.  

Though the car was theoretically able to hit 209…
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BMW Future Could Be Carbon Fiber Based

BMW has always been at the top of automotive engineering and design. The German auto makers like to remain ahead of the class when it comes to the look of their concepts, production cars and materials.

With that, rumors are beginning to circulate that future BMW vehicles may be made from carbon fiber.

BMW recently showcased this material with their lightweight X5 prototype. Its body weight is almost half of a first-generation X5's.

The material used in the creation of this future automobile is called CFRP: carbon-fiber reinforced plastic. It provides weight-saving potential for future vehicles without compromising safety…
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