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Exhaust System Safety

Many are familiar with the sound of a muscle car roaring down the road. Odds are the vehicle does not have an adequate muffler and tailpipe. The components might also be missing in order to express the power of the machine via the noise. However, mufflers and exhaust systems accomplish far more than dampening noise. The components of the system are needed to take the danger out of the noxious gases produced by the engine. Otherwise, these fumes pose a danger to a vehicle's occupants and the environment. Fuel efficiency also suffers.

Over time, exhaust system parts become corroded…
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A New BMW: Make It Your Own

Before, the only way that you could drive a custom car was to find custom parts and do the work yourself, or shell out a ton of money for a professional detailing shop to do it for you.

But, not anymore.

BMW offers a full customization suite online, where you can pick the model you want, the color you want, the trim level, and more. All to your specifications. So you can have a car…

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