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Tire Rotations Save You Time And Money

Have you ever wondered why we are always told to rotate our tires? That is why we here at BMW of Northwest Arkansas want to be sure that you know all the basics of tire rotations. Tires should be rotated because they do not wear at the same rate. Depending on your normal commute the front or back tires may wear more than the other, and thus you'll end up replacing the more worn tires more frequently. By rotating them, you'll be able to replace all four tires at the same time saving you both time and money…
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Exhaust System Safety

Many are familiar with the sound of a muscle car roaring down the road. Odds are the vehicle does not have an adequate muffler and tailpipe. The components might also be missing in order to express the power of the machine via the noise. However, mufflers and exhaust systems accomplish far more than dampening noise. The components of the system are needed to take the danger out of the noxious gases produced by the engine. Otherwise, these fumes pose a danger to a vehicle's occupants and the environment. Fuel efficiency also suffers.

Over time, exhaust system parts become corroded…
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BMW's xDrive Delivers Exceptional All-Wheel Drive Performance

Fall and winter months bring treacherous driving conditions, with wet and icy road conditions more likely to occur. For drivers who choose a BMW with the xDrive all-wheel drive system, inclement weather doesn't cause any stress or anxiety, because they drive with peace of mind knowing their vehicle is prepared to handle whatever road conditions in may encounter. xDrive is BMW's intelligent all-wheel drive system, created by BMW's world class engineers.
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Advances in Lighting Technology Make the BMW 5 Series Safer Than Ever

Lighting can set the mood, enhance the setting or illuminate the possibilities…but can it also supplement the safety features on your BMW? Absolutely! The BMW 5 Series offers drivers a host of standard and available safety features, the latest in passive and active safety to keep you and your passengers protected at all times. Now BMW adds another level of protection with standard four-eye LED headlights.
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The 2017 BMW 5 Series is the Star of the new BMW Films' Short Film, "The Hire," Staring Clive Owen

BMW is known the world over for the exceptional craftsmanship and world-class performance we've come to expect from the Ultimate Driving Machine…but, films? Believe it or not, yes – films. Those drivers who are a bit longer in the tooth will remember BMW's cutting-edge short film series that launched in 2001; BMW Films' "The Hire" included eight online short films.
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