For the Safety of Everyone Involved Be Sure to Follow Your State's Move Over Laws

When passing by an incident on the side of the road that involve any kind of responders it is our duty as drivers to try to change lanes and give everyone involved as much space as possible. These are called "move over" laws and even though many of us do not realize that they even exist, the fact is that they are in place in one form or another in all 50 states.

These laws are designed to protect everyone involved including the victims, law enforcement, fire department, paramedics, and even tow truck drivers. Basically, if you see flashing lights then you are technically supposed to move over.

However, the reality is that you will not always be able to change lanes every time you see something going on at the side of the road. And trying to force a lane change can cause another accident and further complicate the situation. Here at BMW of Northwest Arkansas in Bentonville we don't want to see that happen so if you can't safely make the lane change then just pass by slowly and carefully instead.

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