Remember to Check Your Belts and Hose Maintenance Schedule

You probably have reminders set up in your phone or on a calendar somewhere to remind you when it is time to perform routine car maintenance. Generally, that includes things like checking your oil, air tire pressure, and coolant levels. Here at BMW of Northwest Arkansas in Bentonville we also like to remind people to regularly check their belts and hoses as well.

Belts help your engine parts both run on time, and run at all. Everything from the cam shaft to the air conditioning generally has some type of belt helping drive it, and they are to be inspected and replaced at regular intervals. All of the fluids in your car are transported by various hoses, providing some of the most important functions a car has, such as gas, coolant, and brake fluid.

The service team at BMW of Northwest Arkansas can help you understand when your next belt or hose service is needed, and perform that service as well. Come in and see us today.

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