Explore the Design and Features of the BMW 7

Full-sized luxury sedan owners prefer the BMW 7 series for the comfort and exquisite style the vehicles provide. The chrome grille, wheels and accents along the body and around the windows create a distinctive appearance on the new BMW 7 models available in Bentonville.

Potential BMW owners also have a choice of either an inline V-6 or a high-performance V-12 engine depending on the level of power you desire. In this way, you get either 320 or 445 horses under the hood having a capability of achieving zero to 60 in 5.1 or 4.3 seconds.

The improved driving technology additionally puts the driver in full control of the ride. Select a vehicle performance setting based on road and weather conditions, power and the comfort level you desire. The opulent interior features that the BMW 7 series provides gives you the feel of an upscale lounge. Experience the latest models at BMW of Northwest Arkansas.



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