Should You Get Your Tires Rotated More?

If you are not getting the tires on your vehicle rotated every other oil change, it might be time to get to the service center more often. Tires that wear unevenly can result in numerous problems for you and you BMW.

  • Properly rotated tires will not void the tire warranty because they will wear evenly.
  • If the tires are allowed to wear more evenly, they are in a better position to grip slick roads and keep you safe.
  • Tires that wear unevenly are going to affect the performance and handling of the vehicle.
  • Unevenly wearing tires makes your vehicle unsafe because the car will begin pulling to the side.
  • If the tires get rotated regularly, you can get maximum life from them and not have to buy new so frequently.

At BMW of Northwest Arkansas, our service technicians are at the ready to inspect your tires and rotate them so you are back safely on your way on the streets of Bentonville, AR.

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