How To Keep Food Safe When Traveling

Traveling with food has its challenges. However, the good news is that we BMW of Northwest Arkansas are mindful of our clients. Below is our to-do list when you are traveling with food in your vehicle.

  • Find time to shop around for containers that will come in handy when packing.
  • Make sure that you seal the food containers in a way that they are intact. If possible, get an electrical tape to seal firmly.
  • When contemplating where to place your food containers in the car, set them where there will be no or fewer accidents.
  • Find cardboard boxes which you can safely place your foods in. Invest in kitchen towels where you can place the foods on to avoid movement in the boxes.
  • You can also use foil instead of food dishes especially if it’s an event that will be challenging tracing them back.

Lastly, we wish you happy holidays. Make sure to have fun in all possible ways.

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