How Often Do You Think Your Car Should Get Washed?

We may have all seen that dusty and dirty window on a vehicle. You might be wondering how often you really need to wash your car. It depends on a multitude of factors. If your vehicle is left outside for the majority of its idle time, then it could get exposed more to the elements around it. If it is in the garage, it still should get washed, but it may not require a wash as often.

Allowing a lot of dirt on your vehicle could potentially ruin your paint job. Your investment is only as good as you maintain it. It's crucial to a paint job to have consistent car washes. The value of your car depends on it along with the other maintenance you may receive from our service center here at BMW of Northwest Arkansas in Bentonville, AR. You might want to sell or even trade your vehicle in at some point. That's why you should never allow it to get that dirty. You surely want to preserve the paint job for as long as possible. You might see the colors fade. You might even see rust. It's not worth the risk of the ending turning out to be a hefty amount of repairs.

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