Fluids that You Check Regularly

Checking car fluids in a car is very easy and quick, and everybody can do it. It is part of car maintenance that you should do regularly. It may save you costs on major repairs due to significant damages. The following are fluids that you should check periodically.

Engine oil

Engine oil is vital in any car. It is very simple to check all you need is to pop up the hood and find the dipstick. After that, you just pull out the dipstick and wipe it down. It is essential to check every time you fill the gas.

Transmission fluid

This is what keep the gears in your vehicle moving. It is done the same way as engine oil, but you should do it while it is running.


It helps in keeping the car cool. At a point, a car overheat. You can check it by just removing the radiator when the car is cool.

Set up the calendars reminders because checking this fluid will increase the lifespan of your car. Call us anytime whenever you experience significant damage to your car fluids.

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